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About Us

At Chemistry, we bring together the latest thinking in I-O psychology, high performance cloud technology and business expertise to deliver bespoke solutions aimed at transforming the way organisations work through people. We partner with our clients on their people strategies to deliver measurable competitive advantage no matter what market they work in. Through our award winning approach we guarantee you will have opportunities you would normally only dream about, working with an impressive list of clients and with plenty of opportunity to work directly with C level contacts. This might mean helping organisations work through strategic change or challenges by defining ‘What Great Looks Like’ in Talent, designing new recruitment processes, and providing team insight on capabilities and motivations.

We have been working globally since day one, from the UK, and have recently expended in to the USA - opening our California office in 2015, and our New York office in 2017. At The Chemistry Group, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to be brilliant at work. We use principles of psychology and behavioural science to help organisations assess and understand people, using this data to drive organisational outcomes. We use data gathered through assessments, interviews, and observations to define the characteristics of high performance in organisations. We call this What Great Looks Like (WGLL™). By knowing WGLL™, organisations can more effectively select and develop great talent.

Great Culture

Chemistry is filled with talented and interesting people. We’ve come from all kinds of different backgrounds to work on what we believe in: Giving everybody the opportunity to be brilliant. We work incredibly hard at what we do, and constantly develop ourselves. But don’t worry, our culture is fun and fascinating.

Great Clients

We may still have all the buzz of a start-up but our client roster includes huge companies like Co-op, Experian, SAP and Diageo. And we’ve worked with those guys in every unfrozen continent on the planet, so if you’re looking for experience working with some big names we’re the place for you.

Great Work

Our intent is to give people the opportunity to be brilliant at work and you really do need to believe in that to work here. There’ll be times when you’ll have to work long hours and projects where you might tear the odd hair out but, at the end of them, you’ll always know you gave people that opportunity and made some peoples’ lives that little bit better.

The only way we can do this is by being brilliant ourselves.

And this is what that means for you.

For any enquiries contact the recruitment team via their email, [email protected]

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